About Plotset
Hello, We Are PlotSet
PlotSet is an easy-to-use yet powerful tool to transform data into insightful visuals and compelling stories. Our no-code platform is designed to be intuitive, allowing users to create stunning charts in a matter of minutes and a few clicks. At PlotSet, we are on a mission to make data visualization simpler, faster, smarter, and accessible to everyone, regardless of their technical expertise. Sign up for PlotSet today, and take your data visualization skills to the next level!
Back when he was working at Google as a data scientist, Dr. Masoud Farivar, Caltech Ph.D. holder and PlotSet CEO, became inspired to create a system that would make converting big data into short video presentations. He started out doing it just as a hobby, but after a while decided he could turn it into a service anyone can use. Gathering the best and brightest people around him, he created a team to bring his vision to life. We are now a team of data enthusiasts obsessed with visually beautiful stories, and we have developed PlotSet to ensure that our users meet their audience's needs. With custom charts and templates, we hope to improve data-based decision-making for all kinds of organizations. Even though we are only at the beginning of our journey, we are optimistic about its bright future.
Our values
Making data analysis easy for everyone
Discovering useful information through data analysis could be complicated for many. Data visualization allows the audience to make sense of the data. We aim to make data analysis as simplified as we can so that everyone can work with any kind of data and enjoy doing so.
Constantly getting better
To meet our users' satisfaction, we value their feedback and use it to improve our charts and our company. In addition, we constantly assess our product in different ways and keep updating new ways to enhance data visualization for our users.
Making every story outstanding
As storytelling has been an important part of our lives since the dawn of time, bringing the best out of every story is exactly what we sought to do by offering high-quality data graphics designed specifically to have user-friendly styles.
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